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The form of the Wilkanow ‘European Multicultural School' buildings refers to the traditional features of Silesian architecture, namely small buildings with multi-pitched roofs. Thanks to the scale of the proposed buildings, based on the 'honeycomb' plan, this school is a friendly place to study and play.
In addition to the teaching part, we have designed a summer hotel in the attic (for 200 guests), a 25m-long indoor swimming pool, gymnasium and outdoor sports facilities. 
Awards: The project was selected for construction in the international design competition sponsored by the founders, Countess Marion Doenhof, Helmut Schmidt and the weekly 'Die Zeit' magazine. According to the idea of the competition, the school
is for ‘three nations', designed to promote
the exchange and integration of students from the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany.


PRIMARY SCHOOL, Brochow, Wroclaw

The ‘Primary School' in Wroclaw, Brochow, was designed on a large plot of land with a rather unusual shape. The unique form of the building reflects the shape of the land.
The sports & theater hall, based on a circular plan, has become the heart of the school.
In two adjacent wings we have located bright and comfortable classrooms with direct access
to a green patio. The form of the building allowed for easy functional divisions and separate zones for children of all ages.
The outdoor sports and recreational area
was designed in the narrower part of the plot.

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